Like the thousand and one nights, there are probably as many versions of gazpacho, for virtually every part of Spain can offer its individual recipe for this speciality. This one is from Andalucia.


1 kg very ripe tomatoes

1.5 tbsp wine vinegar

2 tbsp olive oil

half tsp ground cumin

2 cloves garlic, crushed

Salt and black pepper to season

1 tbsp chopped mint

2 tbsp course brown breadcrumbs

750ml ice cold water and soe ice cubes

Side dishes of 2 spring onions (sliced), half green peeper (deseeded and shredded), small piece of cucumber (diced) and some black olives


1. Liquidise the tomatoes, sieve and pour them into a soup tureen, adding all the other ingredients except the ice cold water and ice cubes, mint and breadcrumbs.

2. Stand the soup tureen in the ice cold water and ice cubes until the gazpacho is chilled.

3. Before serving, sprinkle the mint and breadcrumbs over the gazpacho.

4. Serve with side dishes of sliced onion, black olives, green pepper, diced cucumber and even some chopped hard-boiled eggs.

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